• Jamaican artiste Eric Donaldson has arrives in Kenya.

• The reggae star was received at the airport by Kibra MP aspirant Noah Yusuf alias Refigah

Image: Eric Donaldson after arriving in Kenya

Legendary Jamaican artist Eric Donaldson has arrived in Kenya for his upcoming reggae show that is happening this weekend at the Carnivore Gardens,

It's his first show in Kenya and second in any African country.

He is known for hits like Traffic Jam, Lonely Night, I Need Someone and Cherry Oh Baby among other great tunes.

Speaking after landing in Kenya, he invited his fans to buy tickets for the show.

"This is my first time in Kenya and I feel so good. I am here for a reggae show on Saturday and I just want people to come and let us vibe and just have a good time," he told journalists.

"I want to spend even a week or more. I hope people will jam to my songs because it is the way they will enjoy my songs. I am inviting you to come to the show. You guys already invited me to your country and so I know you will come."

The reggae superstar was received at the airport by Kibra MP aspirant Noah Yusuf alias Refigah who also noted that the artiste will be doing some projects in the constituency.

"On Tues 28th June he will be visiting Mama Paradise children's home in Kibra to donate foodstuff to orphans at the home."

Refigah said currently reggae is the biggest tune in the country.

"We cannot outdo reggae it's part of us. He will be performing at Carnivore Gardens and the security measures are in place."

Veteran reggae musicians have currently been visiting the country.

Tarrus Riley was in the country over the weekend headlining the Koroga Festival. He performed alongside other Kenyan musicians.

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