• Sean Andrew, the grandson of the late former President Mwai Kibaki mourned him in a unique way.

• The popular model said he has quite a number of rings and some have a personal attachment to him.

Kibaki grandson sean
kibaki sean andrew Kibaki grandson sean

Late President Mwai Kibaki’s famous grandson, Sean Andrew, has spoken about his love for rings.

Sean trended during the late President's burial after he tossed a ring into his grave during the state burial held in Othaya.

On that particular day, he took a spade and threw some soil inside the grave.

Sean then handed over the spade and went on to take off a ring from his last finger. He then threw the ring inside Kibaki's grave and walked away.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, during the launch of  'Kyallo Culture' Sean said that was a very personal thing to speak about.

"That is a personal thing I did and I can't really talk about it," he said.

He was then asked how many rings he has altogether.

The popular model said he has a quite number of rings and some have a personal attachment to him.

"They are reducing but they don't really mean much but one or two are from close friends and family," he said.

"Some have a personal attachment to me."

Sean also said the reason he rarely speaks much about his family is that most of them are private people who do not want to be spoken about in public.

"We are private people and I value their privacy and they do too. It is not my story to tell. I tell my story. I don't want to expose other people who chose to have a normal life."

In 2019, Sean spoke about his struggle with depression and being suicidal. In our interview with him, he said that he now battled depression in his own way.

"I was seeing an American professional for it but now I manage it in my own way," he said adding that he found that the medicines were intrusive.

"I think I am in a good place now. I am stable but I don't think am 100% as it is a journey but we do our best."

Watch the interview below;

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