•Betty Kyallo says Kenyans shouldn't expect her to publicize her relationships.

• Betty reveals her mother has allowed her to go to as many coffee dates as possible.

Sisters Mercy Kyallo, Betty Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo
Sisters Mercy Kyallo, Betty Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo
Image: courtesy

Media personality and reality TV star, Betty Kyallo says she will never ever go public with the person she is dating saying it brings with it a lot of pressure.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Betty said this dates back to when she was married to Dennis Okari.

"I think I am just gonna date on the down low try as much as I can and sometimes it is completely not possible." She said. Adding, But I think that's one of the lessons I've learnt because with you dating someone on the down low you get to actually understand somebody without the noise of the world. "

She adds that she is not about to waste her time if the relationship is not working. This, she says is to help her protect her own peace and energy and she won't be there forcing issues.

Betty revealed that as much as 'Kyallo Kulture' show is about showcasing their lives behind the scenes and every aspect of it, she is not going to show the man she is dating. "The previous relationship was too much drama I was like I'm done!"

Betty revealed that her mum has advised her to go to as many coffee dates as possible and that the men she is interacting with don't want any publicity.

Asked why Kenyans are interested with her love life she said it is because "I keep making mistakes." She says she is never ashamed of it and she is in for the ride.

"I think with everybody you are always kinda like look for somebody who fits you and sometimes you have to like really go the long road to actually get to know who is good for Betty."

How would she describe her personality?

"I am a lover. When I am in love with you I will love love love you but when I am done you will never see me again. But in the moment when I am in love with you I will give it my all."

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