• The beloved actor has spoken on why he believes many celebs suffer from depression.

• Govi will be visiting his father who lives in the US for the first time.

Govi and his mum
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actor Malik Lemmy who is also known as Govi has revealed that he will be travelling to the United States.

Govi will be visiting his dad for the first time. Speaking during the launch of Kyallo Kulture he shared

"Everyone in the Machachari crew has moved on and we all have things we are working on. I am being managed by my mum, I will be travelling to the US. My dad lives in the US and so I will be visiting him for the first time.

I have also been taking some people and they will be teaching me new things. I believe in learning, you only stop learning when you die."

Govi says he loves keeping his life private as that is the only way he can protect his sanity.

"I avoid social media because I do not like to be talked about all the time. Most artists drown in depression because of oversharing on social media. People knew me out of craft, let them know me by that and not because of my private life."

His message to ex-Machachari actor Baha?

"I am so proud of him. Parenting is not easy but he is keeping strong. When I meet his daughter, I will shower her with love."

Creativity runs in the family. Govi's mum is a renowned actress who is known as 'Karen', the governor's wife in the show 'Ithaga Riene'.

His sister Mercy Malika is also an actress on a show that airs on Citizen TV. She is also a model.

Govi has acted on other shows among them 'Kutu' and 'The Soul Tie.'

He has in the past won awards for his performance and we must say we love his zeal.

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