• Iyanii speaks about dominating the music industry.

• Iyanii is calling himself the messiah of the music industry.

furaha pombe singer iyanii
offficial iyanii furaha pombe singer iyanii

Furaha singer has labeled himself the Messiah of the music industry. Iyanii in an exclusive interview explained about what separates him as a G.O.A.T from the rest.

"I am the messiah of the music industry, because we've had so many different people, I feel like I'm stepping in a different way. I'm  here to do things that have never been done, and in the entire world and the horn of Africa, I'm here to bring different."

In an interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Iyanii said he will go down in Kenyan history as the most prolific in the music industry. 

"I'm here to take the Kenyan music industry where it has never gone before.  I'm here to perform miracles. To step into places where other people have never stepped. I'm here to step into my greatness to do things no one expects me to do. I'm here to do those things."

Iyanii added that his desire was to make it hit big. "I have been desiring a good life because I didn't come from a good life. I desire a good life.  I also want to ensure my friends are also successful. In life, you must move up with friends, when you make it you don't have to make it alone, they also need to be part of that success."

Iyanii has been sporting a rather interesting hairstyle, pretty much like that Jay Z had at one time. He addressed the look and laughed off online trolls making fun of it.

"I have seen people giving my hair all sorts of names.  I am a GOAT and one of the greatest of all time.  In as much as I am a human being, I m a GOAT. It shows my strength in the music industry. It also shows I'm African, they rocked this hairstyle in ancient times. I have heard people think this hairstyle is I'm thirsty.  I knew people were going to talk about this hair. It's something unique, I'm someone who likes to do what others haven't done before. I do things in sync with my music because I believe I must do something different when it comes to your music and to your life also."

Iyanii said the hair shows his strength, his potential.

"That hairstyle if you look at it,  it shows how in as much as I'm a human being, I'm a God at the same time. Ukileta mchezo mi nakubomoa. It shows my strength, it shows my potential. This hairstyle signifies so many things pia it's how I'm an African."

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