• Grewal hopes to sit down with cartel bosses in Nairobi with an aim of helping ease the grasp they have on the different systems.

• The 25-year-old IT Guru is the youngest Gubernatorial aspirant in Kenya.

Harman Singh Grewal
Safina Party gubernatorial aspirant Harman Singh Grewal

Harman Singh Grewal, A Kenyan of Asian origin has promised to uplift the lives of Nairobians if elected as the Governor.

Born 25 years ago, Grewal is the youngest aspiring governor in Kenya, and is competing against Johnson Sakaja and Polycarp Igathe.

Is he the young blood that Kenyans have been waiting to lead them to the 'promised land?

In an interview with The-Star, Grewal who is a Safina Party Gubernatorial candidate shared

"I am a Law graduate but I also have a background in Engineering. I have worked with several charities in Kibera, Malindi, and Mathare."

He represented the country in The Kabadi World Cup in 2019.

Grewal, a Law graduate from Strathmore University chose to vie for the Gubernatorial seat as he plans on changing the lives of millions of Kenyans.

"If people tell you for MCA then go up the ranks then those people's motivations is personal power. I have worked for different charities in Kenya and I was curious as to why charities do the jobs the government is supposed to do."

He says the only way to bring change is by being part of the government and not by being mpenzi mtazamaji.

"The most effective way is not to fight the government but to be in the government and implement changes that can help millions of Kenyans.

That can only be by holding an executive position in the government."

How does he plan to deal with Nairobi cartels?

"The issue of cartels was the hardest thing we had to discuss as a team. Talking about Cartels was the trickiest as we got backlash from some people. 

We decided to have a seat down from the leaders of the cartels and understand how much they earn from their operations.

Once we understand that we will multiply their earnings by a certain amount and reduce the power they have within Nairobi."

Should Johnson Sakaja be worried?

"Sakaja is not worried about me because I am an underdog. He is more worried about Igathe. The good thing about being an underdog is that no one sees you coming."

Grewal who is an IT Guru says he will use his experience and expertise to create jobs for the unemployed youth.

"I will build digital centers, where you can put all your details and when a job is available you get alerts.

The system applies even to people with no smartphones. The system is available for graduates."

The system will also give jobless Nairobians a chance to study as they wait for job openings.

"We will also connect the system to an education project that allows you to study online while you wait for a job opening. This means as you wait for the job you will be getting the qualifications required."

His final message for the people of Nairobi?

"Kenyans have been complaining about the quality of their leaders. When elections come they are swayed by theatrics.

When you are hungry remember who you voted for. When you can't afford school fees remember who you voted for. Vote for a leader who cares about your well-being and who has the passion to push for change."

Grewal says whether he wins or loses he will continue uplifting the lives of Kenyans.

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