Story that upset Zari during her stay in Kenya

Zari Hassan declined to speak to the press over her 3 day stay in Kenya

• Zari Hassan visited a house in Runda and XS Millionaires while in Kenya.

• Zari was scheduled to speak to Mpasho but ended up not giving interviews.

in a red dress
Zari Hassan in a red dress
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This past week, Zari enthralled Kenyans after she visited the country.

On the first day, she spoke to the assembled media who eagerly waited with bated breath for her to oblige them, something she did with the likes of Mungai Eve.

Unfortunately, that attitude wouldn't last for the length of her trip as the last two days she kept on postponing interviews with other media houses until she finally declined.

A Mpasho writer was invited to interview her on Thursday evening at Runda only to be locked outside for five hours.

"Who invited you here? You have to wait for they are still shooting," a security guard said.

The shoot took longer and at around 8.15 pm, her manager Galston through a phone interview said Zari was too tired to do an interview.

"I have been informed about you guys and assured you are good people. Unfortunately, she is tired and needs to go and refresh for another gig tonight," he said, promising an interview on Friday.

"Please make time tomorrow at 12:30 pm, she will do an interview with you."

Zari was back at Runda Mumwe on Friday, with journalists waiting to interview her. She just peeped from the door and continued with her shooting.

Her manager sent a message saying he would update her on what time she could be interviewed.

"I will update as we go."

Aware that journalists were waiting to interview her, Zari was cautious that no 'stranger' took any photo of her.

Before stepping out, she ensured that nobody was holding a phone and her manager walked hand in hand with her.

The shoot continued up to around 5 pm, with no communication from her manager.

After follow-ups, Galston said she had refused to do an interview as there were other businesses she was doing.

"I am sorry but she has said no."

But why didn't she do the interview? According to sources who spoke to Mpasho, the mother of 5 refused to do an interview after a story about her new and much much younger bae (the word used was 'toyboy') was done by a Kenyan blog.

The socialite was also cautious that the media would have posted photos of her without edits.

She also didn't want to speak about her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, who apparently left Kenya without meeting her.

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