pose together.
Akuku Danger with Sandra Dacha pose together.
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Comedian Akuku Danger has been re-admitted to the hospital again. 

This news was broken by  Sandra Dacha who shared photos of the star in a high dependency unit (HDU) of a local hospital.

Four months ago, that comedian was first admitted with a  collapsed lung something that saw him stay in the ICU for weeks.

It did not help that he was born with sickle cell anaemia something that weakens his immune system.

According to Akuku, Sickle Cell Anaemia is not being given much attention by the government compared to other terminal illnesses such as cancer. 

"I see healthcare as something for the rich...the rich can access medicine, treatment, check-up, drugs. For the poor people, it is very hard. Sickle Cell patients need to have drugs every day...and it costs money...going without the drugs is a detriment to your health," Akuku noted. 

He added that insurance plans are not comprehensive enough to cover people below the poverty level. 

"Civil servants really enjoy NHIF services, but Mama Mbogas...comedians are not accommodated enough. It only takes care of your bed and meals in hospital, and that is not enough," he said. 

in hopital
Akuku Danger in hopital

However, when he was sick, fellow entertainer Sandra Dacha took centre stage to mobilise fans and friends to not only pray for him but also help raise funds to offset the hospital bills.

In an in-depth interview with Mpasho, Akuku said that they have always been standing for each other.

"I normally appreciate her in different ways and she knows. One of these fine days i want to take her somewhere...we sit down and feed each other on the beach like Romeo and Juliet. With some nice Rhumba and Prince Indah singing in the background...and some Violin," he said.

At the time, Sandra said that they managed to raise up to about Ksh3.5million (including pledges) of the total bill of Ksh 4.5 M.

"We will now have to put in work to settle the bill of what's left. May God bless you abundantly boss! I cannot forget to THANK my fellow comedians and actors...you've always been there ever since! THANK YOU for your continuous contributions. May you never lack," she wrote on her social media.

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