• Akothee is launching her first book dubbed  'Akothee Quotes' on June 4, 2022 at Eka Hotel.

• Akothee also recently went back to university to pursue a degree.

set for a world tour
Singer Akothee set for a world tour
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Akothee's mum, Monica Yunita Owino, talked about the unique reason why the artiste's dad could not attend her book launch.

The mother of five was launching her book 'Akothee Quotes' which tells her life history.

Speaking during the launch last night at the Eka Hotel, Akothee's mum said, "He is sick and I can't carry him to come to Nairobi. Akothee wanted me to bring him but I couldn't. He is not badly off he just cannot travel long distances.

Esther loves the father and she thinks he is dying."

Yunita retired from her teaching job in 2009. She is currently the chairperson of Awendo Municipality.

She says she is proud of the woman her daughter is becoming.

"I am happy to meet all these faces. This is the second time I am attending Akotee's functions. Most times I come quietly because I do not know what to expect. I want to thank Baba Vesha, who is my first son-in-law, thank you for supporting Esther."

Akothee smiling
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Adding, "Esther is doing so many things that make me happy. Nowadays people approach me asking if I am Akothee's mum. You are doing wonders by teaching men and women and being an example to the world."

The book titled ‘Akothee Quotes’ was being launched officially on June 4, 2020, at Eka Hotel.

Singer Akothee had recently revealed that she has gone back to school. The single mother of five through her social media said she is back to school as she wants to make her parents proud.

Akothee said that she regrets that she didn't finish her studies when she was young. Instead, she got married and ended up educating her kids first.

Akothee had her first daughter when she was 14 years old. Her second daughter, who sadly passed away, came when she was 15, and her third at 16. 

Madam Boss as some affectionately call her got married when she was a teenager and had a difficult time but things changed for the better for her family and her later on.

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