• L'oreal hosted a high tea to officially launch their products into the country

• The theme was white with gold

Anita Nderu
From left, Sara Hassan, Joy Kendi and Anita Nderu
Image: Instagram

So L'oreal gave our influencers and content creators a chance to redeem themselves after the tragic disaster that was showcased at Fenty's Beauty Launch but boy oh boy only a select few did their high tea research and dressed for the occasion.

Honestly, the fascinators are what saved most of the outfits at the launch, if the ladies were to remove them it would have looked like a themed baby shower. 

Below are a few looks from the event and my take on the outfits.

1) Joy Kendi

Joy delivers but I feel she should give the tutus and tulle's a break.

I mean it looked cute but not for high tea maybe brunch 

Image: Instagram

2) Anita Nderu

Babe brought the plate, ate, and left no crumbs! 

Anita has always and will always understand the assignment and that's on period! (if you do not believe me just go through all her fashion looks over the years)

Image: Instagram

3) Patience P

Patience served absolutely nothing after spending the entire Saturday afternoon trolling Fenty Beauty attendees' looks. I'm not saying her comments were off because these people did disappoint us terribly but hey, I expected her money to be where her mouth was at. Her outfit was befitting a club hosting gig

Image: Instagram

4) Kate Actress 

I feel like people overhyped Kate's outfit because of who she is and the milestones she has been making because honestly, it was giving more of church vibes or classy mother-in-law at a family gathering than High Tea vibes 

Image: Instagram

5) Maureen Bandari 

It was a definite yes for me! She definitely served us with served an absolute high tea worthy look and the shoes complimented her dress as well.

Image: Instagram

6) Corazon Kwamboka

Definitely disappointing! A big no. She must have thought she was going to host a club gig alongside Patience P

Image: Instagram

7) Jackie Matubia

Her outfit was a terrible no, the pearls were unnecessary, and they look misplaced like they were fighting for their lives just hanging there. And the waistline of her jumpsuit was off.

Image: instagram

8) Just Scovia

Babe looked the part and I love that she did not bother with headgear but the shoes were off for the fit.

Image: Instagram
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