• The Reverend dad says women should stop assuming all white men have money.

• He says he responds to DMs except those of women who are hitting on him

The Kenyan tiktoker The Reverend Dad
Image: Instagram

Kenyan, Mlami Mwitu alias the Reverend Dad, says women should stop assuming that all white men have money.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.Co.ke, The Reverend warned people against focusing on white men, advising,

"People should stop focusing on a person's colour. What people should look at is how they vibe with someone, I do not even why Kenyan women like white men. People have a mentality that white men have money but there are broke men.

When we are young we look like super loaf, when we age we become like a boiled potato and finally like a smashed potato."

Asked if he is married or not he responded,

"Let people continue assuming. My private life is private, there are DCI's on social media if they want to find out they will."

Does he reply to DMs from women hitting on him?

"I reply to all DM's as long as you follow me, the only DM's I don't respond to is when someone says 'Hi'. I also don't respond to advances from women, I just blue tick and grey tick them and send them to the achieves."

The Reverend was in the past a model before he 'retired' and relocated to Kenya. He says he stopped modelling as he couldn't fathom walking half-naked on the runway.

"I stopped modelling at 19. There are different stages of modelling especially when it comes to high-end modelling. The people you see on the catwalk are slim and have no muscles."

Going on to add,

"When you get to a certain age you progress to a certain part (modelling lingerie and boxers). I said no to that, That is what pushed me away from modelling."

Reverend Dad is currently running an organisation that helps to empower the boy child in Kenya.

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