Watch: George Wajackoyah dances to reggae tunes, advocates for bhang legalisation

Wajackoyah announced his presidential running mate on Thursday

• Wajackoyah broke into dance, singing along to the 'Gospel of Jah' reggae hit by Shasha Marley. 

• Wajackoyah named Justina Wambui Wamae as his running mate. 

in Rastafari attire
Presidential Aspirant George Wajackoyah in Rastafari attire
Image: Mercy Mumo

Kenya's Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah has taken his campaigns and advocacy for the legalization of bhang a notch higher. 

In one of his campaigns, Wajackoyah broke into dance, singing along to the 'Gospel of Jah' reggae hit by Shasha Marley. 

After showcasing his dance skills, the Presidential aspirant and Roots Party leader went on to assure Kenyans that he will work on the legalization of bhang if elected the 5th President of Kenya. 

"Some people have been brainwashed, told that local brews are bad...I have heard that you are working on having a party for drunkards. When you do the protest, we will give you some weed as we will have legalized it," Wajackoyah said leaving the crowd in cheers.

On Thursday, the law professor became the first presidential candidate to unveil his running mate. 

Wajackoyah named Justina Wambui Wamae, a graduate from Daystar University with a master's degree from JKUAT  as his running mate. 

Wamae, who is the first woman to be appointed in the presidential running mate position has been in the political circles, having unsuccessfully contested for the Mavoko parliamentary seat in 2017. 

“I have decided to work with Wajackoyah because we have a convergence of vision, to put money in the pockets of Kenyans by legalising farming and export of Majijuana,” Wamae told the Star in an interview.

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