• Some are joining politics thinking there is luxury or it is a greener pasture.

Grandpa records boss and Kibra MP contestant
Refigah, Grandpa records boss and Kibra MP contestant
Image: Saidi Abdalla

Kibra political aspirant, Yusuf Noah alias Refigah, has a message for artists vying for political seats in 2022.

"Politics is not a bed of roses, if you are not ready to be bothered, please do not take that direction. Be ready to serve. Some are joining politics thinking there is luxury or it is a greener pasture. I believe personalities in showbiz are joining politics for the wrong reasons," he said.  

He says one should only vie if he/she has a calling to serve the people adding that most people are joining politics for the wrong reasons.

Refigah says people had wanted him to vie for the seat after the death of Ken Okoth but he didn't feel ready at the time.

"When he passed, people started piling pressure on me. As a person I was not so sure I wanted to go in that direction and I was not an opportunist, waiting for someone to pass. Ken was one of the best leaders, a personal friend...His death hurt me a lot. At that time I did not have the energy to vie," Refigah said.

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The former Grandpa records CEO adds that he chose to serve Kibra residents in a different way through the Simama na Kibra foundation.

Refigah said that whether he won or lost he will continue with the projects he started to make life better for the people of Kibra.

His sentiments match that of Lilian Ng'ang'a who recently called out creatives joining politics.

Taking to her social media pages, Lilian said most of the popular faces vying for various positions have no good intentions for the people but instead they just want to chase clout.

She advised Kenyans to be vigilant while selecting their leaders.

"Just because someone is popular(for whatever reason) does not mean they should run for office. Most of such have no intentions of serving the people... it's just chasing clout. Terrible!"

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