•"The problem with kiki is once you start you can't stop." - King Kaka

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King Kaka with Nana Owiti in a file photo
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Kenyan rapper King Kaka has said he would never be caught dead doing kiki to promote his music.

Kaka was speaking exclusively to Mpasho when he was unveiled as the Itel Brand Ambassador.

"Kiki (gimmicks or stunts) is too much work.

Just do your best and people will notice you, that is how it should be. You should not do some other stuff (like Kiki) just to promote your music.

The problem with kiki is once you start you can't stop you will always want to do something better than you did last time.

But if it tickles their fancy well and good."

Kaka says that one of the things artists should embrace is doing solo projects such as Shin City or his very own Eastlando Royalty Festivals.

He however put a disclaimer adding that it is not a must for artists to do so, adding that to each their own.

"I have been doing solo projects a lot. Now that we are now planning something as Kaka Empire."

King Kaka explained, "When I did my festival and it was raining the venue was filled up so I felt that was something I could capitalize on.

I have banked on my fans since I started, people buy my music and my merchandise, and that is why brands choose to work with me."


"Working on solo projects is too much work and not every artist is willing to do that, if someone wants to just release their music and wait, well and good.

It's a free world."

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