• Dropping the tag 'Consumator' has helped me cope with my situation-Churchill comedian

Churchill comedian Consumator
Churchill comedian Consumator

Churchill comedian Consumator, has revealed how upset his family members were after he went public about sharing his problems.

The witty comedian went public sharing that he was facing financial challenges adding that he was now doing odd jobs such as being a caretaker and tilling people's lands.

In an interview with Mpasho, he said that he only shared his challenges because he wanted to heal.

"It was hard to open up, I was afraid that I would be embarrassed and castigated. I opened up to heal and to let out what I was going through. I am at peace."

Asked when the rain started beating him, Consumator responded that trouble started after his dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"Most of my siblings (6) are just trying to hustle here and there. Even when dad got sick we were struggling. My siblings don't have stable jobs. For me being in the limelight I had to do everything possible to help dad get better.

I had to sell everything I had. A lady I used to know while in Day Star University gave me her garage so that I could sleep there."

He further added,

"I was not being paid to be a caretaker as the lady was sheltering me. I had to look for odd jobs such as tilling the land. There were days I could go for two days without eating because jobs are seasonal. I have learned a lot from these odd jobs, and I know I will not be here forever.

A neighbour called Davy is the one who helped me he invited me to his house so that we can cook together, we still do so I no longer sleep hungry. Dropping the tag 'Consumator' has helped me cope with my situation."

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