• I called dad and explained the situation and he is now OK with it-Consumator

Comedian Consumator
Comedian Consumator
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Churchill comedian, Consumator, says his family called him out for going public about his struggles citing that he was embarrassing them.

In an interview with Mpasho, Consumator, said he had to call his dad and explain the situation.

"When I went to be a caretaker I hid it from my family because I did not want them to be worried about me. I had accepted my situation but I did not want to worry my parent. I had told my mum and my siblings that I had been given a place to stay. I never told them what I was going through."

Consumator says it is sad how people criticize, ridicule, and call out someone when they are going through something.

"I am currently going through stigmatization, the people who castigate you the most are close family members. Some people went to my dad and said that I was embarrassing my family. That affected me.

This was my story, it did not belong to my dad or my siblings. Some of my siblings told my dad and told him that I am embarrassing them. I called dad and explained the situation and he is now OK with it."

Asked whether he regrets opening up he said,

"I do not regret it, I was prepared, it took me time to open so when I did I was expecting the negative feedback. The positive feedback has overwhelmed the negative feedback."

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