• Madollar said that he had promised her a birthday present while doing business together.

known as Madollar Mapesa
Dickens Otieno popularly known as Madollar Mapesa

Madollar has come out to rubbish allegations that he’s trying to swindle socialite cum entrepreneur Mishi Dora.

Mishi recently took to her Instagram page to accuse Flamboyant businessman Dickens Otieno, popularly known as Madollar Mapesa, of failing to deliver a car she’d asked him to procure for her.

Mishi went ahead to threaten Madollar insisting that she wasn't one to be messed with and demanded her money back. "Where's my 2m? Where is the 500k? Yaani you think unaeza niosha mimi? I'll surprise you." Mishi posted.

in a past interview
Mishi Dora in a past interview
Image: Mpasho

However, upon reaching out to Madollar, the businessman claimed that he owed Mishi nothing and the allegations stemmed from bitterness as he'd stopped doing business with her but was still working with her friends.

“I gave Mishi Dora a golden opportunity together with her friends well known to you whom I won’t mention here for their privacy. If you can relate, of late Mishi has been financially fit. When I met her she 1st gave me 500k which in 24hrs according to the Business we got 2m and she took 1m with no complaints. Then 2nd time she did the 1m and gave her 2m. 3rd business was a bigger one which she has been following me to offer her after her close friend did one of 4m bob," Madollar informed us.

He went on to add that he was in the process of shipping a car and decided to gift it to Mishi before things went sour and the businessman decided to cut her off from his dealings.

"I promised her a present of a vehicle on her birthday but we had issues before that which I never delivered. Since then she has been asking me for the chances but getting a deaf ear from my end. This I believe is the root of all these allegations. She maybe feels her friends are making it too first through me when she is the one who introduced them to me," Madollar said.

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