• My mom left when I was barely 2-years-old.

• My aunties and grandma helped my dad raise me.

baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Bensoul's baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Image: Ronnie Jay

In a recent interview with Mpasho, Tiffany, Bensoul's baby mama revealed that she was raised by a single dad after her mother left while she was still a toddler.

According to Tiffany, they recently reconnected but the relationship is strained definitely and not your usual mother-daughter relationship.

"We keep in touch once a while but it's nothing serious...Nothing that you can say is a mother-daughter relationship. It's just knowing if the other person doing okay," Tiffany revealed.

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She however clarified that she didn't fill the gap of not having her mom present as her dad ensured she was well taken care of.

He provided for her and his large family of sisters and his mother helped take care of Tiffany.

"My relationship with my dad is amazing, he's the person I've been able to tell everything.... He's watched me grow from a little girl to the lady that I am right now. He's been everything.... a father and a mother...."  Tifanny gushed over the beautiful relationship she had with her dad. 

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