• I was planning on advancing to a degree as I was currently doing a diploma 

baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Bensoul's baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Image: Jay Ronnie

Bensoul's baby mam might have termed her pregnancy as the best gift ever, but that didn't mean it hadn't affected other areas of her life.

At some point, she admitted she does get swamped with regrets for going to Oktoberfest as that's where she met her baby daddy.

"It was the first time going for his events...I loved the guy, as an artist, not the other way round. I feel like sometimes I do regret...But after sometimes I'm like he gave me the greatest joy of my life. There's a time I really regretted everything but at the moment I'm cool with it," Tiffany revealed. 

Bensoul's baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru had just completed her Procurement diploma studies at The Technical University of Mombasa. The 22-year-old was looking forward to furthering her studies to a degree level after she graduated later on in the year. 

" I wanted to continue with my degree because I was doing my diploma.... but I want to work first so that I can save up for my baby. I'll continue with all classes later on," Tiffany said in a recent interview with Mpasho.

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