• I thought our relationship would be ruined for life.
• Her father is now very supportive about her pregnancy.

Bensoul's baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Bensoul's baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru

When Tiffany Wanjiru found out she was expecting a child, she was shocked, scared and beyond confused.

I mean which 22 year old wouldn't be?

She'd just finished her diploma studies and was looking forward to further her studies by starting a degree as soon as she graduated.

Minus that, she was raised by a single dad and she didn't know how she'd break the news to him as disappointing him is the last thing on earth that she wanted.

In an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, Tiffany said that she called her baby daddy, recording and performing artist Bensoul two days after finding out the news.

He assured her he'd take care of her and the baby and this gave her the courage to break the news to her family step by step.

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"I had to plan everything out first...I first told my aunties because they're cool and I have a beautiful friendship with them...I then had to travel upcountry to tell my grandparents...Afterward, they all met and helped me break the news to my dad because it was going to crash him emotionally." 

She went on to add that at first her dad was a mix of anger and disappointment but he quickly got over it and in two days' time he was already talking to her about suitable baby names for the baby.

"I thought our relationship would be ruined for life...It's still awkward at times but he really cares and is very supportive," she added.

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