•  Amber Ray said, "He's underage so I control most of his life. I'll manage his social media presence till he hits 18."

• She understands that as a mother one of her main jobs is to protect her kid, full-time as much as she can.

Amber Ray with her son Gavin
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur, socialite, and now upcoming musician Amber emphasized that she isn't just a pretty face.

That the Amber we know from social media and her persona off-screen are two different people and told the media that she still takes her mummy job pretty seriously.

She explained that she understands social media can be toxic and given that her son is just 11 years-old, he needs to be protected from most things especially some of her online drama as well as online trolls.

Amber noted that given how young her son is, they have an agreement as far his social media usage goes.

"First things first, he's underage so I control most of his life...He can never post or see anything without my permission, that's one thing people don't know. As much as on social media I'm Amber Ray, I'm also a mother."

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She added that she understands that as a mother one of her main jobs is to protect her kid, full-time as much as she can.

"As for now he's okay with the agreement, till he turns 18 then he can do what he wants with his life."

I don't know how easy it is to control a pre-teen's phone considering how creative and cheeky new generation kids are but Amber seems to be certain that she's hacking it.

The problem might be other kids' moms doing it as well? How certain is she that Gavin's friends don't see some of the content out there or he doesn't get bullied over it?

Amber admitted that she actually loves kids but the right person hasn't come along yet, if they do she hoped to have more babies as she adores large families.

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