From Waiguru to Kemboi: Popular slang used by Kenyans in Gulf

• Kenyans in Gulf use the coded slang to narrate their stories on Tiktok, some are sad, some are hilarious, others are super unbelievable, but all the same entertaining.

Popular Tiktoker Susan Elian always documents the life of Kenyans in the Gulf
Popular Tiktoker Susan Elian always documents the life of Kenyans in the Gulf

Kenyans living and working in the Gulf countries are coping the best way they know-how.

Many of them have been applying for jobs in Kenya but never get the opportunity to be employed. Thus they seek out fortunes in Arab countries like; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Their biggest issue while away from home working to eke out a living is the fact that their fellow Kenyans keep asking them for money, others ridicule them for the menial jobs they do abroad.

Well, here is one Kenyan in the Gulf who is calling them out.

Kenyans in the Gulf are very active on social media and especially on Tiktok where they talk about their work-life and all the funny and sad situations in between.

They do so by using coded language so that their bosses are none the wiser. Some of their stories are sad, some are hilarious others are super unbelievable, but all the same entertaining.

Here are Popular slang and phrases used by Kenyans in Gulf on Tiktok as they give their enthralling stories.

Waiguru - the woman of the house.

Waititu - the man of the house

Kifaranga - The child that you are tasked to take care of.

Kemboi - these are Kenyans who decide to run away from their place of employment and break the contract and seek out employment without the agency. It is a risky move because if anything happens to the Kembois the agency cannot intervene. However, Kemboi's earn better because they don't have to share their salary cut with the agency that places them.

Deportation - Kenyans in the gulf fear this because most times you are not deported immediately you are detained in jails under the worst conditions.

Kadama - this refers to house manager or house help

Kadama life - this is a popular hashtag used by the Kenyan ladies employed as house managers/house helps in the Gulf. They use it to narrate the daily drama, issues and funny situations they face in the household they serve in.

Ofisi - this term refers to the agency that places Kenyans in various jobs. They are also the same people who arbitrate issues between an employee and the employer before it escalates to the police.

Huko inje - this term is used to signify Kenyans who broke their contracts, ran away and sought employment solo without an agency.

Hammam - another name for a house manager.

Kuhome - This means going back home after years of working at the Gulf continuously without a break. It is used by Kenyans who were on contract and are homesick.

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