• KRG had begged females fans to stop using his images when they are pleasuring themselves.
• KRG has stated that he wouldn't date a female fan.

posing with the one eye sign
KRG the Don posing with the one eye sign
Image: Instagram

This week we interviewed KRG the Don. The man spoke about his beef with Dufla and the way he deals with female fans on his DM's.

KRG who had pleaded with his female fans on social media to stop using his photos while pleasuring themselves, told Mpasho.co.ke that he was justified in making that statement.

He said,

"My DM is full of girls with those opinions. They make me feel tired in the morning. You feel like you're battling a demon."

What do the DM's consist of?

"They are videos, photos...Some of them are n*de videos of the women pleasuring themselves. I told them to continue from next month. This month they should give me a break."

So would he date a fan? 

"No, no. They aren't my type. There is a certain class of ladies that I am interested in."

On his beef with Dufla, KRG said,

"Dufla used to be my friend but now he has this notion that he's the baddest dancehall artist that has ever lived in Kenya. We normally meet once in a while because we use the same producers. I don't like him."

So what had happened this past weekend?

"We met at a mutual friend's place. He tried to come and get my phone but I smashed his face badly. He cannot even appear on any TV or radio station or even take a selfie now. He will have to take a week off," the controversial rapper claimed.

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