• Phil said that Kate Actress was elated to get the Netflix invite, "When she got the invite... alikuwa anaruka ruka juu ya viti akidance."

Kate Actress with Hubby
Kate Actress with Hubby
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The gorgeous and talented Kate Kamau, better known Kate Actress arrived back in the country from her South Africa trip where she'd exclusively been invited by Netflix for the celebration of season two of the Bridgerton series.

Her family and friends surprised her at the airport with bouquets and banners celebrating her win.

We got to talk to her husband Director Phil who was giddy with excitement as we waited for her plane to touch down.

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Phil shared how proud he was of his wife and the path her career was taking. He let us know that the excitement they felt when the invite came in was uncontrollable.

"We were so elated when she got the invite... alikuwa anaruka ruka juu ya viti akidance." Phil said with a chuckle.

Adding that it's something she'd really wanted for a long time, manifesting a project that'd put her on the international map. So they were truly super excited.

He added that he really celebrated her, emphasizing how she has put in the work and now it was for the world to recognize and for Kate to receive her flowers.

"She was ready for international status 10 years ago but now is when they're catching up," Phil said with excitement.

Phil added that Kate's recognition is a motivation for others.

"This tells us every work we've put in, all the work she's put in it gets noticed. Hakuna kazi ya bure unafanya. At the end of the day someone somewhere is watching and they're noticing these things."

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