• Amid his recent baby mama drama, the singer has proven that his relationship could stand the storm. 

Singer and songwriter Bensoul
Singer and songwriter Bensoul
Image: JB Formative

Singer and songwriter Benson Mutua aka Bensoul has spoken about his relationship with girlfriend Noni Gathoni.

Amid his recent baby mama drama, the singer has proven that his relationship could stand the storm. 

"We are good, and i would like to stop there," Bensoul said when Mpasho asked about his relationship.

A section of social media fans has been wondering how Bensoul's relationship is still intact even after he impregnated another woman. 

To the commentators, Bensoul says;

"Everyone was given a mouth, let them talk as they wish. It doesn't concern me anyway."

Mpasho further asked the 28-year-old how he felt when the reports on his baby mama went public. 

"I don't want to talk about that. Let us just talk about my concert with Fireboy. That is my personal life, anyone who would want to see it can see for themselves. I will not be answerable for anything," he said.  

The 'I deny' hitmaker was further asked why he wishes to be silent on the issue yet his baby mama is open to the discussion. 

"Everyone has a mouth they can answer what they want or refuse to answer. So if I refuse to answer it is my decision and I won't prevent her from talking," Bensoul added. 

In April, Bensoul will be among top artists that will be performing at a concert headlined by Peru hitmaker Fireboy DML. 

"It will be one of the biggest concerts in April.... we have been preparing for it. We will have some good time."

The concert will be held at Ngong Racecourse, the waterfront park on April 9. 

"Fireboy is one of my most favourable artists in Nigeria. And if he asks me for a collabo, who am i to turn him down?" Bensoul posed. 

Having celebrated his 28th birthday recently, Bensoul shared his life lessons. 

"I have learnt that it does not matter who you are...as long as you are happy and fulfilling your purpose in life," he said.

Here is Bensoul's interview with Mpasho. 

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