• Massawe says it is annoying when insensitive people pressure her to get a baby boy.

Radio Jambo Presenter Massawe Japanni
Radio Jambo Presenter Massawe Japanni
Image: Courtesy

Radio Jambo's Mid-morning presenter Massawe Japanni has encouraged her fans and listeners to keep their children close.

Speaking during Ilikuaje, the mother of three had a candid conversation with Beauty Queen Phoina Tosha who later asked Massawe how it is raising daughters.

Massawe said her daughters are her best friends.

"My daughters are my babies. I keep them close and by that they can tell me everything. Give your children time and the best," she said.

Massawe who had earlier on celebrated her daughter for scoring good marks in her KCPE exams and making her proud.

"I am so happy. It was not easy waking up very early, leaving the house very early and making sure she was okay all through her revision time. She was always studying. She did well in English and she got an A and an A- in Maths. She scored a B in Kiswahili."

Massawe also opened up about losing her son saying it is annoying when insensitive people pressure her to get a baby boy.

"I lost a baby boy and it is annoying and sometimes I read those comments, I feel like they are insulting God since it is God who gives children no matter which gender."

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