• "I cannot say there is one who is better than the other because all of them had something special they brought to the table." - Betty Kyallo

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Betty Kyallo in a file photo
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Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo has revealed that she still is cool with all her exes and that they are all in her heart.

In an interview with Citizen Digital, Betty was asked who among her exes was the most memorable.

Betty responded, "Whaaaat? No, I don't want to mention who is my most memorable love experience. All of them will be like, 'Na ile siku, Betty?'. All of them are in my heart. I'm just being honest.

It is simply because everyone brings a different experience someone who is going to love for being Betty and not Betty Kyallo and there are different experiences that you get from dating different people."

She explained further, "I cannot say there is one who is better than the other because all of them had something special they brought to the table."

Do I intimidate men? Betty replied saying she has grown a lot since her TV anchoring days.

"Yeah, of course," adding, "When I was younger I would be intimidated but not this Betty right now, not the current Betty. Right now you cannot intimidate me. I work hard, I make my own money and right now I don't need a man to compliment me financially."

She noted, "Respect, there are men who I meet and I'm like wow. I'm wowed by them, they are smart, they are driven and focused but not in terms of money. I was there a long time ago and I saw it all. I'm someone in this society, I'm a big deal too."

Asked what kind of man she would like to date and why, Betty said, "I would like to date Steve Harvey because I feel like the way he treats that woman... and he has a personality that is out there and he is so big and he has flair. But locally, let me come back home." 

She paused before speaking, "This is going to trend...I cannot even say, he even has a family. I know it is hypothetical but just like...no."

I swear I don't have that guy on my mind, okay, I already see the headlines...let me think. 

Would you date Nixon Korir the current Langata MP? 

Betty responded, "He looks good, he looks alright. For the looks he looks good, I don't know him personally."

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