• Akuku- "Sandra is the reason I am out of hospital."

Akuku Danger with Sandra Dacha
Akuku Danger with Sandra Dacha
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Comedian Akuku Danger is allegedly expecting a child with Actress Sandra Dacha.

Akuku in an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, confirmed they are an item saying fans should expect a baby from them soon.

"Sandra told you the truth, we are dating. The only thing you should wait is to see us start taking baby bump photos so you can believe," he said.

Asked if they are expecting a baby, he told his fans to watch out.

"People don't believe us. We are dating. I appreciate her in many different ways and she knows."

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Akuku thanked Sandra for standing by him when he was in the hospital for two months.

"I want to treat her one of this day in a beach baecation and spend some quality time together. With some nice rhumba in the background and just tell her thank you. I am very romantic."

At the end, Akuku was asked when he was going to propose to his bae.

He said soon adding that it's hard to date a comedian.

"It is hard to date comedians since even right now, I might change the script. It has to be well planned. I will say anyone who proposes in a billboard on a highway is a very romantic person.

Asked to describe Sandra, he said;

"Good relationship you complement each other. Sandra is the reason I am out of hospital. She has a big heart and accommodate and a great person."

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