• Comedian Akuku Danger had been admitted in ICU after his lungs collapsed.

Akuku Danger
Image: Saidi Abdalla

Churchill comedian Akuku Danger has thanked his friends for standing by him when he got admitted to ICU.

Akuku says he will never be able to thank his friends enough.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.co.ke he said, "My friends came through for me, I can never thank God enough for them. I can't mention all of them but they did a wonderful job.

So many artistes came to see me in the hospital."

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Akuku added,

"There are people who were waiting for me to die. I could tell there were people who were only waiting for me to wake up ndio wanajifanya busy na mimi.

There were so many fake friends. Deep situations expose fake friends."

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