• Radio Jambo's drive presenter Lion who has been admitted to hospital for a week underwent a surgery to remove swellings in his stomach.

Radio Jambo's Lion and Mbusi
Radio Jambo's Lion and Mbusi
Image: courtesy

Radio Jambo Reggae show presenter Lion is recuperating after a successful surgery.

Lion who has been admitted to hospital for a week now underwent surgery to deal with swelling in his stomach.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Mbusi said his co-host and friend is likely to be discharged today or tomorrow.

"He is doing well. He underwent the surgery and was successful. Pia amewekwa damu and he might be discharged today or tomorrow, right now doctors are checking him on what they call pain management."

Mbusi added;

"Alikua na swelling kwa tumbo ndizo zilikua zinampotezea damu so lazimaa zingetolewa ndio maana akafanyiwa operation. (Lion had swellings in his stomach, that was what was causing his anaemiahence the need for the operation)"

The news of his ailment was shared by his colleague Mbusi who appealed for his fans to pray for him as he also asked people to donate blood last week on Saturday.

Apologies to all our readers. Our earlier version of this article had referred to Fibromyalgia as fibroids in men. We are sorry for the error.

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