• Phoina Tosha launched her make-up and skin-care line yesterday.

• Phoina Tosha's mom stood out with her excellent speech and youthful good looks.

at the launch
Phoina Tosha with her beautiful mother at the launch
Image: Mercy Mumo

Phoina Tosha was the talk of town yesterday as she launched Phoina Beauty, a make-up and skincare line at Sebuleni, Riara road.

The event was attended by celebrities like; Amina Abdi (who was also the MC), Lady Risper and her husband, Milly Chebby, Jacky Vike, Reverend Lucy Natasha, aspiring Mathare MP, Bahati, Maureen Waititu, and Wabosha Maxine.

But the star of the show among the guests was Phoina's beautiful mother, who came out to support her daughter in this new venture.

at the event
Phoina Tosha with her beautiful mother at the event
Image: Mercy Mumo

She even gave out a heartfelt speech where she asked guests to continue supporting her daughter. She said, 

"I just want Phoina to be strong in her business as Wabosha said, 'Don't give up to fast.' Just support her. Thank you for coming and supporting her. And I wish you all the best. I know that birds of a feather flock together. So I know all of you are flocking like her."

at the launch
Phoina Tosha with her mom and Reverend Lucy Natasha at the launch
Image: Mercy Mumo

Many who know Phoina's journey are well aware of the huge influence that her mother has had on her. 

Just a few days ago Phoina decided to underline how important her mother is to her with a poetic message she wrote on her Instagram page. It is below;

"Special Invite delivery to my Queen,My Mommy❤️she taught me what hard work means, I was raised well ni utundu tu nilikuwa nayo mob but she never gave up on me,and that's why I am who I am today, I thank God every day for her, she shaped my entire future🙏she will always be number one in the list of my priorities ♥️can’t wait to see her at the launch, My sponsor, My best friend and Queen of my life 🙏MAMA PHOINA 🤗"

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