• Maina Kageni has one of the most attractive jobs in Kenya.
• The popular Classic105 presenter loves keeping his private life hidden from the public.

during the interview
Maina Kageni during the interview
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Maina Kageni was recently interviewed by Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi. The charismatic media personality revealed something he has never done before.

And what is that you might ask? How the secretive Maina spends a day in his exciting life. Let's begin.

4:30 a.m-I wake up and prepare for work.

5:00 a.m-I live home for work.

5:15 a.m-I reach the Classic105 studios and prepare for the show. I look at the papers to see what's happening, anything we need to discuss. I talk to my co-host via WhatsApp, to see what we need to do. 

6:00 a.m-I start the morning show.

10:00 a.m-I am done. I then go to Maina Kageni Limited which is basically the hustle cause you can never ever depend on a salary, something I keep telling people.

If it's an easy day I can play golf or go meet up with friends.

4:00 p.m-I like being home by this time.

4:45 p.m-This is when Judge Judy begins. And I am not missing Judge Judy!

7:00 p.m-Then I'll watch TV.

9:00 p.m-I must watch the news, so I can see what people have talked about the whole day. 

10.00 p.m-I will read, cause I think that it's important for someone to read every day or to watch something informative.

11:00 p.m-Normal bedtime.

1.00 a.m- I sleep at this time if there is Champions League football.

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