• KRG's relationship ended contentiously in 2021.
• The rapper said that his kids have all they need in their lives.

with Linah in the past
KRG the Don with Linah in the past
Image: Instagram

KRG the Don's name trended this past week after his wife, Linah, was spotted with Mbogi Genje Manager, Elvis.

In an interview we had with the rapper, he said that he didn't care about what his ex-wife did as they didn't have anything in common.

But the sentiment of that last statement stood out. Didn't KRG and Linah have two kids together? KRG's response to that question was even more shocking with the wealthy musician saying,

"No, we don't have kids together. She just produced kids for me. She has no kids. Have you ever seen her with kids? The kids are mine."

He went to add that at the moment his kids lack nothing,

"My life is set. I am just doing biashara. Our life is perfect, we don't lack anything."

Don't the kids ask where their mother is?

"They don't remember cause she was never there even in the beginning, so we are alright. We are just waiting for a divorce so we can move on...We don't have beef. You don't involve feelings in my business. In life as a man, you will find yourself in some tricky situations. You will have to use your brains and not your feelings."

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