• Churchill spoke about several areas in his life.
• The comedian has big dreams for his show which is moving to TV47.

Today afternoon, Mpasho.co.ke recently interviewed comedian Churchill Ndambuki. The entertainer spoke about a few areas in his life.

The brief interview is below:

The reason he left NTV:

NTV was a contract that needed renewing every 2 years and I didn’t have a lot of say. Plus the 40 mins allocated was limiting to all the shows content and artists

Why Tv47:

I am more involved now like a partner, I have more say in decision making. They're not paying more than NTV did it’s more about the relationship and the end goal I had for the show. There will be more airplay for the show.

Was Churchill introducing anything new to the show:

Almost famous 254, a show that scouts uprising talents from different counties in Kenya. I hope to grow the new and upcoming talent. I am going to introduce musicians and artists to the show, it won’t just be focused on comedy.

Does Churchill have any regrets:

I had an offer to go to Chicago university to study media but didn’t. The opportunity passed because I thought that staying and pushing Churchill Show was a better option.

Would he ever introduce his wife and family to fans:

My work is my family. They’re off the media because they into different things and not into the limelight like me. But if they ever expressed interest then he’d bring them in.

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