Khaligraph: I am not begging anyone to play my music

•"Those were the days when I was struggling and now I am not." - Khaligraph

Khaligraph Jones
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Khaligraph Jones says gone are the days he would beg media houses to play his music.

The OG says he now lets the media decide whether to play his music or not.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho during the listening party of his album Invisible Currency, the rapper shared,

"Sahi siwezi kua embarrassed. Those are the days when I was struggling and now I am not.

I am not begging radio stations or TV stations to play my music. If they feel it is good enough to be played they will play it.

If it doesn't meet the cut well and good."

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Khaligraph says being in the industry has made him grow a tough skin.

"I do not take things personally, for the time I have been in the game I have learned how to handle things.

Sometimes you might take a song to someone and they say they don't feel it. It makes you feel some type of way.

If I get such kind of reception from the media it's all good, I'm not gonna talk sh@t about it."

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