Khaligraph speaks on the origin of his 'Ikechukwu' nickname

Khaligraph Jones opens up on getting the West African name

• The rapper hosted his listening party at the Alchemist bar today morning
• Khaligraph opened up on how he had gotten the Nigerian name

on the stage
Khaligraph Jones on the stage
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Khaligraph Jones was interviewed today by Mpasho at his listening party at the Alchemist, where he spoke about his new album.

The henched rapper opened up on how he had come up with the Nigerian nickname 'Ikechukwu', a name that later on became the title of one of the songs on his album.

He started out by explaining that when he went to an awards show in Nigeria, people there hadn't recognised him, something that bothered the O.G.

"There is a guy who goes by the name of Blaqbonez. He is a comedian. Alinijaribu kidogo...You know when I went to Nigeria, I was called on stage and going to pick my award, I saw how those people were looking at me. Hawakuwa wananitambua. Of course, I won the best rapper but the Nigerians didn't know who Khaligraph Jones is."

He said that lack of recognition had motivated him to make the Nigerian market put some 'respec on his name' and Blaqbonez was that convenient foil.

"In that situation, I was like, they have to know who I am. So Blaqbonez alinijaribu, actually alinipatia motivation. I wanted to diss the whole Nigerian rap scene and Blaqbonez happened to be on the front lines. So I took over Nigeria courtesy of Blaqbonez."

He said that was when he decided to come up with the name Ikechukwu as the name was based on the place he was at the time.

"Where I was is where I got the nickname for Ikechukwu. I recorded the song in 2020. So even when I go to Nigeria or the States people think I am Nigerian. So they refer to me as Ikechukwu. So I am like, 'Yeah, Ikechukwu is my name'."

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