• Walter Mongare resigned from his position as the Director - Youth Programs and Liaison at the Office of the President.

Walter Mongare alias Nyambane
Image: Instagram

Aspiring politician Walter Mongare has opened up on why he quit acting on Redykulass a show he had been on for a decade.

For those not familiar with Redykulass, it was a comedy show that used to air back in the 90s.

"Redykulass existed between 1998-2005. The group consisted of Tony who is today a creative director. KJ the current MP of Dagoretti South and Mongare who played as Nyamabane.

I left because I did not want to act anymore."

On how he felt acting out Moi's character he says, "It was scary because he had such a deep security apparatus that when you acted you thought they saw you."

Nyambane recently launched 'Uplifted Records' to help nature creatives not only in Kisii but nationwide.

"It's about doing music in a different way. We realized that the studio spaces are available people are given time per hour, we want artistes to be present throughout their recording session.

They have accommodation, a gym, technical support, etc.

If you feel what you have done is not good enough you can start again at your pace. No one will tell you your time is up."

Nyambane says the studios are in Kisii because it is a robust county and away from the hustle and bustle of the city humdrum.

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