'Wahu has two left feet,' - Nameless on his wife's dance skills

Nameless spoke about the life of a TikTok dad.

• If something gives you joy, do it don't think about what people will say.

Nameless and Wahu
Nameless and Wahu
Image: courtesy

Legendary Kenyan artiste David Mathenge alias Nameless says being on TikTok has made him bond more with his family.

This is because of the videos they shoot as a family to share on their respective pages.

Speaking during the launch of Pride Ya Kenya, The father of two said, "I decided to join TikTok because it is about my passion and it relieves stress. It also helps me bond with my family and with my fans."

Adding, "My passion is dancing. I have always been a good dancer since I was a child.

In my house, we all love dancing although my wife is the poorest dancer among all of us but we are working on her.

My daughters got my genes so their moves are smooth. If something gives you joy, do it don't think about what people will say."

Asked on what he loves most about being Kenyan, Nameless said, "I am proud of being Kenyan because of how resilient we are.

I have traveled and I see how other countries support their citizens. People go to work and still smile despite the poverty and negativity going around."

What makes you proud to be Kenyan?

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