• Nyambane mimicked the late President Moi for years on the show Redykulass.

Walter Mongare alias Nyambane
Image: Instgram

Ex-Redykulass actor Walter Mongare has opened up on what he would do was he to become President.

Nyambane as he is famously known for mimicking the late President says if he was to join State House he would greatly support creatives.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho,Mongare shared, "If I was to become President and people wanted to imitate me I would ask them to State house to practice.

This would help them perfect, I would support them so that they can represent me right. I have not announced that I am going to be President but I will make a formal announcement as this is not about me."

On whether he ever met President Moi, the comedian responded, "We sat down in many ways.

He sat on the couch while I sat on the TV side, that is the closest we were to each other.

He must have enjoyed watching himself because we were very meticulous when it came to representing him.

He was a fashion Icon and we did not want to misrepresent him."

Mongare recently resigned from the position of Director -Youth Programs and Liaison Officer at the Office of the President.

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