Murugi Munyi a.k.a Yummy Mummy at the Radio Jambo Studios
Murugi Munyi a.k.a Yummy Mummy at the Radio Jambo Studios

Influencer and vlogger Murugi Munyi has revealed that some of the content she airs on her various platforms rub her husband the wrong way.

SPeaking to Masawe Japanni on her Radio Jambo show, Butani La Masawe, Munyi said, "Social media is all about entertainment value. There is that content I create as Murugi - a wife and mother - when I talk about my children or marriage.

Then there is that content I stumble upon that to me is funny. I'm not creating content for myself, there are women who follow me, some are single, some dating those sponsors, others are engagend or divoced, so who will create for them that bold content?

And that is one of the things that have helped me grow so much, i don't just target only mothers or married women, anybody can enjoy my content."

What about you husband, how does he handle that bold content?

"Sometimes he sees my content and says , 'mmmmhhhhh' but the thing is that sometimes we dicuss. There are things I want to post and I realise that I will have an issue with it, but I just post then we talk about it later, but there are some things, which if he is not comfortable with it, I will not post. now we kind of undertsand each other."

She continued, "He also understands my work. He has seen how much he has benefited our family financially, the conections, the networks, he understands it is entertainmnet."

Munyi who has been married for 5 years added, "The same way, even his work there are things that he does that I don't like.

For example, he works for a brewery company and you will find that most times he has parties or he is travelling alot. 

I cannot now tell him, now i'm uncomfortable, dont go. I mean it is his work. H ealso understands that this is my work."

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