Proffesor Jay's last moments before he landed in ICU revealed

He dismissed rumors that Jay is HIV positive

• A source told Mpasho that Jay is currently fighting for his life due to his deteriorating health.

Professor Jay
Image: File

Professor Jay's younger brother Black Rhino has revealed how his brother landed in ICU.

"He was not sick he was in a show in Bukoba and had driven himself there. He only said he wasn't feeling completely well but decided to continue with the show as the fans had already paid," Rhino said. 

After the show, the artiste would complain that he was feeling sick but they did not think it was something serious.

"He would complain that he wasn't feeling well and would go to the hospital get medication and come back home. On the 7th day is when he requested us to take him to the hospital. He is just ailing from normal ailments such as blood pressure."

Black Rhino says his family is not happy about people who are spreading rumors that Jay is HIV positive while others said he is dead.

"We were very offended by people sharing false information about him. It's sad to learn some people have no humanity, people should drop such behaviours."


"Jay is doing better compared to how he was when we brought him to the hospital. His fans should not be worried. We are very grateful for the love we have received."

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