News anchor Akisa Wandera

The musical chairs have begun with various media personalities moving from one media house to another.

Joining that dance is KTN senior TV anchor Akisa Wandera who has resigned from the Mombasa Road media house.

Word has it that she is set to join British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) starting mid-February.

Akisa's exit comes after another KTN news anchor Linda Oguttu left.

Oguttu's exit preceded days of her trending after she was appointed to serve at FKF Secretariat.

Announcing the move, Linda tweeted on December 19, 2021, to her 650,000 followers.

"I have taken a sabbatical leave from the Standard Group Limited to serve in the FKF Secretariat."

Adding, "Tukutane kwa futa (Let's meet at the football field). And mask up and get vaccinated… Hii Covid Haitaki Mchezo (This covid is no joke).”

Apart from Akisa, other news anchors who have left include Peter Opondo (Head of Broadcast), Faridah Mwaka who has since joined NTV alongside Lofty Matambo.

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