Zari with the new man
Image: Ocean Media International tv

Zari Hassan has come out guns blazing defending her newly sculpted body that accentuates her gluts and thing waist.

The Brazilian butt lift is a gluteal fat grafting procedure that utilizes excess fat collected from other areas of the body to add buttock volume and projection, and/or perfect overall shape and symmetry.

Zari threw shade at Mange saying, "There is this woman who your titties have you seen them you need to get them done, sis, you are so miserable. I feel sorry for you. These things you are talking about are normal things."

Adding, "Surgery is a lifestyle so many people are doing daily it daily, but for you, you have no happiness or peace, you have to highlight everything Zari does. You have a zari syndrome, sis, when will you heal? "

After shading her for her parenting choices, Zari added, "Honey, look at me, I'm glowing and I'm happy. I pray you get a hobby, to get Zari off your mind. Vibabu sio hobby."

Check out Zari's new sculpted body.

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