• 'Most people are in boring relationships .' Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve and Trevor
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan You Tuber, Mungai Eve, has responded to claims that she bosses around her boyfriend Trevor.

Trevor doubles as Mungai Eve's director and her lover. Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Eve says she is not to blame for how people react to such things.

'I have always been very confident before the cameras while Trevor is not. So most times I am always the one who answers questions from fans. By me talking a lot some people tend to feel like I am not giving him a chance to talk.

In Kenya, people will always talk and give you an opinion about how to run your relationship.'

Eve says most people do not understand the dynamics of their relationship hence they are quick to criticize them.

'Most people are in boring relationships and when they see you joke you are with your partner they think umemwongelesha vibaya. People do not understand us. So even when we appear on camera Trevor usually has given me the go-ahead to talk, further, we can't just ignore fans.'

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