The Selina actor came clean on the issue of joining politics

Thespian Pascal Tokodi was gracious enough to grant Mpasho an interview this week. One of the areas that he spoke about was whether he would ever join the political arena.

The actor first laughed before he gave his answer, saying that he didn't think he would ever join the political sphere.

"It's nowhere near my scope but I have learnt mambo ya mbele you never know. Maybe in the near future, I might do something in Samburu. For now, let me stick to acting but politics I highly doubt."

Were he to join politics, he would become part of a larger movement of celebs and media personalities that have decided to throw their hats in the political ring.

Well-known personalities like Jamali Gaddafi, Rufftone, Jalang’o, MC Jessy, Tabitha Karanja, Anita Soina, Alex Mwakideu, Tony Kwalanda and DNG.

Many of them will have most likely been motivated by the success musician Charles Njagua aka Jaguar had when he run for office in 2013, something they would most likely want to replicate.

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