• When I was in Eastleigh there was so much music  around me.

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Celebrated Kenyan rapper has hailed Nazizi and Wyre for introducing him to the music scene.

At the time Prezzo used to be friends with the late Feroze who happens to be Nazizi's brother.

Sharing his musical journey during an exclusive with Mpasho, Prezzo said;

"My music journey was inspired by me living in Eastleigh. When I was in Eastleigh there was so much music around me.

Going to school I would listen to music in matatus and when I came back home I would listen to what the neighbors were playing.

I was introduced to the music industry by Nazizi and Wyre (Necessary Noize). Feroze and I were part of the Necessary Noize entourage. We were to ensure that all their concerts went as planned."

Asked how his mother reacted to him wanting to join music Prezzo shared;

"She told me to finish with education and then pursue whatever I wanted. So once I was done with school it wasn't really up for debate whether I would do music or not," he said. 

Prezzo is best known for songs such as Naleta Action, Let's get Down among others.

Here is a video of Prezzo's full interview with Mpasho. 

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