Jalang'o's wife not ready to see him join politics

• "She (wife) is still not ready for all this, we have late nights, people have started coming to our house."-Jalang'o

Jalango with wife Amina Chao
Jalango with wife Amina Chao
Image: Courtesy

Kiss presenter, Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango, has revealed that the idea of him joining politics was borne 6 years ago.

He however adds his wife is not very pleased about him joining politics. Speaking during an interview on Kiss 100  Jalas shared;

"I decided to step up and see what our people want and what changes I can make. I was born a leader, from when I stopped depending on my parents we had to take care of our lives.

I had already planned about it that is why I even did Community Development in Campus.

It is not just something I jumped on, it is something that started being planned 6 years ago. She (wife) is still not ready for all this, we have late nights, people have started coming to our house.

She has accepted this is the direction I want to take and she has decided to support me."

Asked whether he is vying for a political seat because he is famous, Jalas responded;

" I  am not doing this because I have a big name but because I want to make a change."

Check out the entire interview below;

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