Nick Ruto, the son of Deputy President, William Ruto had his koito (Kalenjin wedding ritual which involves the negotiation of a brides dowry) ceremony today morning.

And who is the eldest son of William Ruto and Rachel Ruto, marrying? A lady that goes by the name of Chemtai.

Nick Ruto Koito ceremony
Image: Exclusive

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This ceremony comes a few months after questions had been raised about the lawyer's s3xuality.

This was after a video emerged where an Indian man was seen putting a necklace on Nick's neck, during his 30th birthday celebrations.

The kerfuffle that ensued among Kenyans forced Nick to have to issue a rare response to the Kenyan public where he defended the action by his Indian comrade was anything but friendly.

Nick and William Ruto
Nick and William Ruto
Image: Courtesy/Nick Ruto/Facebook

He wrote at the time;

“Build your circle and celebrate each other. If you can, gift your friends the best you can on their special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings e.t.c.

This will help you understand the value of friendship and comprehend that gifting a friend of the same or Opposite gender does NOT amount to a sexual/erotic relationship. Thank you all for your Birthday wishes and gifts.”

From us at Mpasho, we congratulate Nick and his new wife. 

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