• "Tell her to respect Kisii people and their sexual prowess, Kisii people are not to be looked down upon." - Justina

Ringtone has asked Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau to stop acting desperate by saying she is in love with him.

The self-proclaimed millionaire says he is only in love with Christ.

He says he does not know who Justina is adding that he doesn't understand why people keep sending him screenshots of the same.

"I have never even heard of Justina.

Who is she? Why does everyone keep asking me about her? 

People were sending me screenshots of Justina saying she can't sleep because she is in love with me.

There are very many women who are in love with me, so the competition is very stiff."

Asked on whether he would be able to match Justina's bedroom prowess if they dated. Ringtone responded

"Tell her to respect Kisii people and their sexual prowess, Kisii people are not to be looked down upon.

Let her sit back and wait to see if she will be chosen among the many girls who are interested in me."

On whether he would marry an older woman, Ringtone responded in the affirmative saying older women were more mature.

"If I love her I do not see a problem, young girls are problematic and do not know what they want.

 Older women know what they want.

I do not want a young girl, they think sex is everything. I want someone who keeps herself busy.

We will not eat looks, beauty is internal."

Would he marry a woman who is more educated than him?

"The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and it is bigger than education. There are many things we learned in school and it does not help us in life.

Just identify your talent as that is more important."

Check out the interview below:

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