• "You should be thinking about who among the baby mamas you will settle with." - Mike Mondo

Actor Mwaura Bilal
Actor Mwaura Bilal
Image: courtesy

Mike Mondo has called out 'Uradi' actor, Bilal Mwaura, for calling himself single despite him having 4 baby mamas.

Bilal is a father of four but is currently single. Speaking during an interview with Buzz Central, the actor said he is not in a hurry to be in a relationship.

Speaking during the Classic Overdrive, Mondo posed;

"How do you call yourself single yet you have 4 baby mamas? You should be thinking about who among the baby mamas you will settle with. Also women, how do you agree to be put in such a situation?"

Image: Instagram

Speaking during the interview Bilal said he is afraid of commitment.

"Am I seeing anyone? Maybe I am afraid of commitment but I feel I am not equipped to be there for someone the right way and I don't want to hurry."

Bilal said he has four kids with different women adding that he will marry many women.

"If I would settle down, it must be polygamous. Am a polygamist at heart. I would not want to have mistresses hiding."

Speaking about his baby mamas, he said he is good with the mother of his last-born child.

"I like polygamy since I don't believe in ownership, it just a myth and that is why people are killing each other because of love. I don't want to think that I own anyone."

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